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Corporate Solutions

Our corporate solutions involve tailored designs and integration of cutting-edge technology for boardrooms, meeting rooms and huddle spaces. We prioritise optimising office layouts and delivering scalable IT infrastructure to support seamless operations. Our commitment to our clients is to enhance efficiency and performance, helping them thrive and maintain a competitive edge. 

From initial consultation to final setup, our dedicated technicians guide you through each stage to ensure every room is equipped with the latest technology for collaboration and productivity.


A  boardroom is an essential part of any corporate environment and needs to be equipped with the right tools for important meetings and presentations. Our integrated solutions are designed to transform these rooms into state-of-the-art hubs with hassle-free audio visual and video conferencing technology. 

Technology Setup

Not every business requires the same boardroom setup. That is why we offer a range of tech services such as high-quality video conferencing systems, room booking systems, audio conferencing, projectors and interactive screens.

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Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are typically used for internal team meetings to allow colleagues to gather quickly and seamlessly to collaborate on a task. Creating the right environment for a team looks different for each meeting room’s layout and features. Our technology services can help elevate these rooms to create high functioning workspaces.​

Technology Setup

TechFM can integrate a range of tech services into a bespoke solution for your meeting rooms. These include presentation displays, wireless connections, room booking systems, video conferencing systems and audio options.

Huddle Spaces

Huddle spaces are smaller rooms designed for quick catch ups with a few people and therefore require a greater degree of flexibility. TechFM provides scalable solutions to make your huddle spaces just as useful as any other meeting room. 

Technology Setup

A typical huddle space setup includes a video conferencing system, LCD monitors and a small table for sitting or standing. We provide everything you need to make your huddle space a versatile, productive and collaborative meeting spot. 

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Customised Solutions

TechFM provides customised solution tailored to meet the needs of our client, ensuring that your workspace can be used for:





Online Meetings

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Content Collaboration

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Video Conferencing

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