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Entertainment Solutions

TechFM are leaders in the design and integration of audio visual solutions in the entertainment sector. We have a wealth of experience in integrating solutions for hospitality areas, function rooms and gaming areas that set the right mood and elevate the entertainment experience. Our priority is not building a solution with all the  latest technology but rather focusing on what the space needs and how we can elevate it with our expertise and the advance technology available to us. 

Our expert technicians are committed to assisting our clients stay ahead in the entertainment industry.

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Hospitality Areas

Hospitality areas are designated space within a venue where guests are entertained, served food and beverages, and can socialise. These areas rely on high-quality audio visual technology that create dynamic entertainment areas and enhance the overall experience for patrons.

Technology Setup

TechFM specialises in designing entertainment solutions that highlight the space’s unique features. Our solutions can include the installation of IPTV systems, MATV systems, LED/LCD displays, projectors, control systems, audio systems, MIC systems and advertisement signage. 

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Function Rooms

Function rooms are spaces within venues that are used for hosting various events such as conferences, parties or weddings. Audio visual technology is a critical component to the usefulness of function rooms which need to be agile to accommodate the different events that can be held in the space. The right audio visual solution can help transform a function room and set the right tone for any event. ​

Technology Setup

TechFM can design and install fully automated audio and visual solutions that include entertainment lighting, surround sound systems, LED/LCD displays, projector solutions and microphone systems.

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Gaming Areas

Gaming areas in pubs and clubs rely on dynamic visual content and audio effects to enhance the individual’s gaming experience. Our team can assist you in discovering the perfect solution to create a lively atmosphere and take the gaming experience to new levels.

Technology Setup

TechFM can integrate a range of tech services into a solution for gaming rooms. These include installing high definition screens and interactive displays, configurating media players, content management systems and software integrations. 

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Customised Solutions

TechFM provides customised solutions tailored to meet the needs of our client, ensuring your entertainment space is setup with:

Diverse Entertainment

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Compatible Systems

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Digital Signage

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Latest Technology

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Competitive Edge

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