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Education Solutions

TechFM designs and integrates innovative education solutions for lecture theatres, teaching spaces and active learning spaces to support new methods of teaching and foster learning and development.  In a digital age where technology is driving the way of learning, it is critical that institutions are not limited by traditional teaching spaces. We are dedicated to optimising learning spaces that can operate seamlessly with the latest technology and systems. 

Our expert technicians are able to design solutions to ensure each learning space has the tools necessary for success in today's digital learning landscape. 

Lecture Theatres

Lecture theatres are one of the largest teaching spaces that reach students in person and online. Audio visual technology is an essential part of creating stimulating, interactive and visual content that is accessible to students.

Technology Setup

Our audio visual solutions for lecture theatres can include advance audio visual systems with surround sound, interactive displays, motorised screens, mounted preview monitors, LED/LCD displays, projectors and projector screens. These solutions can be designed to be compatible with virtual platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. 

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Teaching Spaces

Teaching spaces are designed to support diverse forms of teaching and learning activities for different size groups. Our technology services can help provide a dynamic and engaging learning experience as well as  prepare students for a digital world. ​

Technology Setup

TechFM can integrate a range of tech services into a bespoke solution for teaching spaces such as interactive whiteboards and displays, wireless presentation systems, projectors and audio systems that are compatible with virtual platforms. 

Active Learning Spaces

An active learning space is a dynamic educational environment designed to promote active engagement, collaboration and hands-on learning among students through interactive technology. Our installation services have the ability to design and transform these areas into the latest innovative facilities that provide a unique learning experience for students and teachers. 

Technology Setup

TechFM can create interactive installations through combining various tech services such as advance audio visual systems, digital and interactive displays, surround sound and dynamic lighting. 

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Customised Solutions

TechFM provides customised solutions tailored to meet the needs of our client, ensuring each teaching space is setup for:

Online Learning

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In Person Learning

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Content Collaboration


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Microsoft Teams


Google Meet

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